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Stainless Steel Tables

Fletcher European provide a number of different pieces of stainless steel food industry equipment. Allowing you to create premium quality storage and food preparation areas within commercial kitchens and food manufacturing or processing facilities, our range of stainless steel kitchen tables offer an exemplary solution that is easy to clean and hygienic. Available in an assortment of different sizes and styles, we aim to provide stainless steel tables in a number of configurations so that you can easily create practical working areas and table runs for any food storage or preparation area.

Offering bespoke stainless steel tables, we work with you to create exceptional equipment to meet your exact requirements. Choose from a range of sizes equipped with or without upstands to create the perfect workspace or stainless steel kitchen table to suit your needs. Upstands are ideal for industrial environments such as food factories as well as commercial kitchens, helping to provide a hygienic guard against splash-backs. Able to run flush with walls, the upstands for the stainless steel tables help to keep your walls stain free, perfect for food preparation areas. Stainless steel tables can be modified to include wheels, allowing you to easily manoeuvre them to where they are required.

Our stainless steel workstations and workbenches provide excellent hygienic storage solutions as well as ideal food preparation areas. Food products can easily be stored within the draws or cupboards and the workstation is supplied complete with an upstand to help keep your walls clean. The stainless steel workstation and workbench can easily and efficiently be integrated into a run of stainless steel kitchen tables to provide increased storage as well as a greater working area for food preparation.

Stainless steel write up desks provide a hygienic way to keep on top of your paperwork and documentation of food products or ingredients within the likes of food factories and industrial kitchens. Easy to clean, these stainless steel kitchen tables and write up desks combined help to provide exceptional working areas for food handling and production applications.

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