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Sieve Units

Providing a range of sieving equipment for the food manufacturing industries as well as bakeries, Fletcher European stock a number of sieve units to assist with handling of food ingredients such as flour. From standard sized plastic sieves that inter-work with our very own plastic stacking bins range, to hand held stainless steel sieves, bespoke sieving units and a mobile sieve unit incorporating one of our plastic dollies. All of the sieve units are suitable for food handling and are ideal for ingredient or allergen stores within food factories.

Our plastic sieve units are all designed to be able to drop into our rotoX range of plastic inter-stacking bins. These plastic sieves have a standard 350mm diameter that allows them to sit into the stackable storage bins to become part of a larger capacity sieving unit. Available with stainless steel mesh sizes of 1mm up to 5mm, we stock these plastic sieves so that they are available for immediate dispatch.

Our stainless steel sieves are designed for hand held sieving applications. Ideal for bakeries and food manufacturing plants, these sieve units are easy to clean and have a slight ridge in their exterior, to improve their handling, providing more grip. The stainless steel hand sieves are available in a variety of different mesh sizes to suit different applications.

Bespoke sieves are available on request and can be produced to meet your requirements. Frequently manufactured to provide sieving equipment that suits our range of mobile container trucks, caterbins and food ingredient dispensers, if you would like further information of bespoke sieves, please feel free to contact our dedicated sales team.

Here at Fletcher European we also offer a complete mobile sieving unit. Perfect for hygiene sensitive environments such as food processing plants, bakeries and industrial kitchens, these sieve units are incredibly hygienic. Comprised of two of our plastic stacking bins (of two different sizes), with our plastic sieve unit placed into the bottom of the upper plastic inter-stacking bin. Food ingredients such as flour, can be easily poured into the upper ingredients bin and sieved through to the lower. To mobilise this sieve unit, we provide one of our rotoX plastic dollies, the rotoXDSB. This plastic dolly is designed to suit our plastic stackable bins and offers a highly manoeuvrable means for transporting the sieving unit about a challenging food manufacturing environment.

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