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Mops & Squeegees

No matter the industry, whether its food manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals or healthcare, an effective hygiene regime is of utmost importance and to assist with implementing and maintaining high levels of hygiene and cleanliness Fletcher European stock a wide range of essential hygiene equipment such as our colour coded mops and colour coded squeegees. From hand held squeegees to single blade floor squeegees we provide an assortment of high quality colour coded cleaning equipment to help tackle the cleaning of water, condensation and other liquids from floors, work tops, walls and ceilings. Our range of mop heads and colour coded mop buckets also provide effective hygiene equipment for use within high risk or high care environments.

Colour coded floor squeegees provide a quick and easy solution for cleaning up pools of water or other liquids from floors, but they are also excellent pieces of cleaning equipment for use on walls and ceilings too. Helping to deal with the build-up of condensation within warm food factories our durable industrial squeegees are ideal for cleaning and hygiene applications within high-care environments. Manufactured from food grade polypropylene, we offer a variety of different sized colour coded squeegees in a host of food approved colours including red, blue, yellow, green, white, orange and purple to assist with colour coding and maintaining an effective hygiene regime. These single blade ultra-hygienic squeegees provide an easily cleanable cleaning utensil that helps to prevent the build-up of bacteria or dirt upon it. The thermoplastic rubber blades work effectively in pushing liquids and water, collecting it into a pool for mopping up or simply pushing down into a drain.

Hand held squeegees offer a quick and easy solution for clearing water, condensation or other liquids from walls and smooth work tops. Light and easily handled these effective ultra-hygienic squeegees can be supplied in a metal detectable format. Manufactured from an X-ray visible and metal detectable polypropylene these metal detectable squeegees can be easily picked up by X-ray machines and metal detectors, preventing foreign bodies being distributed within products.

Our colour coded squeegees are all compatible with a number of colour coded handles. Within each product description you will find the recommended brush handles listed to assist with your ordering. For example the PLSB60 ultra-hygienic squeegee is ideally used with the ALH7, ALH8 or ALH27 colour coded handles.

Perfect for mopping up excess liquids or cleaning up spillages our colour coded mop buckets and mop heads provide very effective pieces of hygiene equipment. Easily used and very distinguishable, our colour coded mop buckets and wringers are available in a wide range of different food approved colours, perfect for hygiene sensitive environments. The Kentucky mop heads are also available in a wide range of colours to assist with colour coding and help you keep an effective hygiene regime in place at all times. Each of our strip mops and Kentucky mops are compatible with our range of colour coded handles enabling you to easily mop up spillages. The MBK7 colour coded plastic mop bucket and wringer is designed to handle up to 300g mop heads and can be provided with a dolly upon request for increased manoeuvrability.

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