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Plastic Airtight Containers

Offering a range of plastic airtight containers for use within a number of different industries, such as food manufacturing, catering, bars and restaurants as well general industry. These airtight food storage containers are perfect for storing and handling of raw food products and ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetables and liquids but are also commonly used for storing paints and numerous other liquids used in general manufacturing applications. Produced from food grade plastic the food containers are ideal for food processing and food storage applications, helping to preserve their contents due to their airtight sealing lids.

Helping to provide an unsurmountable level of airtight protection, the range of plastic airtight containers that Fletcher European supply are available in a large variety of different sized capacities. Spanning from as small as 2.5 litre plastic food containers, up to 60 litre airtight containers, we offer a selection to help meet any requirements you may have. Perfect for storing food products such as sauces and liquids, the V25 and V30 plastic airtight containers are used throughout the catering industry and adhere to HACCP regulations and standards with regards to food handling.

Many of this range of plastic airtight food containers, buckets, tubs and pales are available in alternative colours, helping to allow colour coding for different products or ingredients. The selection of Eurocontainers are available in white with plastic handles, or in several different colours with metal handles. For more information on the different colours available, make sure you contact our dedicated sales team who will be happy to assist with your enquiries.

With an exceptional sealing system allowing you to easily open and close the plastic airtight containers, these plastic food containers are strong and very robust, providing fantastic storage options for use within industrial environments such as food factories and production plants.

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