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Food Ingredient Dispensers

The rotoX range of food ingredient dispensers and colour coded plastic ingredient bins are used throughout the catering industry and are perfect for bakeries, commercial kitchens and restaurants. Essential pieces of durable and reliable equipment, our food ingredient dispensers and food grade bins provide quick and easy access to frequently used bulk ingredients. Helping to save on valuable worktop space, the different models of mobile plastic ingredient dispensers are designed to fit into tight under table spaces. Produced using food grade polyethylene plastic they are long lasting and provide a hygienic storage solution that helps to prevent the risk of cross contamination.

Available in a variety of sizes, our mobile and static colour coded plastic ingredient dispensers cater for all cooking requirements within the catering and food industries. Designed to keep dry ingredients fresher for longer and well organised, the food ingredient dispensers are ideal for table top and under bench storage and are supplied complete with a shatterproof clear PETG plastic flap for easy access. These clear plastic flaps can also be upgraded to stainless steel versions if required.

Colour coding practices are common place throughout the catering industry. Helping to reduce the risks of cross contamination and aid with ingredient identification all of our food ingredient bins are available in a wide variety of colours. Our labelling services are also available for all of our colour coded ingredient dispensers, helping you to clearly and precisely separate and identify different ingredients.

Our table top food ingredient dispensers include the rotoXID8 which has an 8 litre capacity, the rotoXID15 with 15 litre capacity and our rotoXID40 that has a 40 litre capacity. All part of the rotoX range, these colour coded plastic ingredient dispensers offer premium quality catering equipment. The rotoXID15 and rotoXID40 ingredient dispensers are supplied complete with a plastic lid to allow for easy filling of the food ingredient dispenser. This method of filling from the top and dispensing from the bottom allows the contained food ingredients to be rotated, keeping them fresh.

Our mobile food ingredient bins are available in three sizes also, flaunting 65, 90 and a large 150 litre capacities. Perfect for small commercial kitchens or large industrial bakeries, our food ingredient bins provide a hygienic and easy to clean ingredient storage solution that allow the easy movement of heavy loads. Exhibiting premium quality equipment for use within the catering industry, the rotoXM15, rotoXM20 and rotoXM35 mobile food ingredient bins are essential ingredient storage that no kitchen or bakery should be without.

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