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Caterbins (food ingredient bins) are commonly used throughout the catering industry as well as within food manufacturing and other areas of the food and drink industry. Often known as mobile food ingredient bins or plastic tapered trucks, Fletcher European manufacture a selection of colour coded plastic catering bins fit for use within food handling and food storage applications. Part of our rotoX range of catering equipment, these caterbins (catering bins) are produced in our UK factory via a rotational moulding process. Manufactured from tough, heavy duty polyethylene plastic, these food ingredient bins are of a food grade quality and well suited for use as dough bins, flour bins and food ingredient storage bins throughout the catering trade.

Exhibiting 3 sizes of caterbins, Fletcher European offers 72 litre capacity, 118 litre capacity and 135 litre capacity plastic catering bins. The rotational moulding process from which these mobile ingredient storage containers are produced, ensures that the polyethylene plastic is incredibly durable, nigh unbreakable. This trait has helped the premium tapered trucks cement themselves as essential pieces of catering equipment for many businesses including clubs, hotels, restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Each size of caterbin harnesses an incredibly hygienic design. Manufactured using a single one-piece mould, the food ingredients bin itself is seamless and watertight, there are no awkward to navigate crevices and hard to reach dirt traps, making them effortless to clean and maintain.

Easily handled and highly manoeuvrable, the plastic mobile container trucks are also available in a wide variety of colour options. The colour coded tapered trucks allow the food and catering industries especially to incorporate the catering bins into their colour coded systems effectively. Including the standard food safety guidline colours, red, blue, yellow, green and white, we also produce these plastic food ingredient bins in brown, orange, purple and many more colours giving you ample choice.

The rotoXM16 as well as the rotoXM26 and rotoXM30 mobile tapered trucks, are all available with optional colour coded plastic lids. The food grade bins can also be modified to include tag slots and labelling if required. If you would more information on our labelling services, feel free to contact our expert sales team.

Helping to save on space when not in use, the rotoX colour coded catering bins are all tapered by design, so that can be stacked inside one another to help save on essential storage space. Ideal for commercial kitchens and bakeries where space may be at a premium.

If you require larger capacity premium tapered trucks, make sure you check out the plastic mobile containers section of the website.

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