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Plastic Buckets & Pails with Lids

Fletcher European Containers offer a comprehensive range of plastic buckets, plastic pails and plastic containers with or without plastic lids. Our huge range of hygienic plastic buckets are widely used for cleaning applications as well as for the storage and mixing of dry and liquid food ingredients, chemical transportation and the storage and handling of paints and adhesives.

Used throughout general industry these plastic pails and plastic buckets are manufactured from food grade polypropylene or food grade polyethylene, enabling them to be used within food handling and food storage applications. Small, food grade, plastic, storage containers are common place throughout the food industry allowing you store varying amounts of food ingredients, food produce and liquids in a hygienic container.

Many of the plastic pails and hygiene buckets are available with airtight plastic lids. These airtight containers are ideal for the storage of foods and ingredients, assisting with the preservation and shelf life of the food ingredients by preventing air and moisture from entering freely. These plastic buckets are widely used throughout the food manufacturing and food processing, catering and hospitality, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries as well as general manufacturing and general industry.

Hygiene buckets

Providing a variety of different coloured hygienic plastic buckets, our range of food grade, hygiene buckets are a popular choice for both cleaning as well as food storage and food handling applications. Our plastic buckets, such as the VK6, the VK12 and the VK20 all incorporate a very hygienic design with many features that help to facilitate the manual handling of the buckets.

Manufactured from food grade polypropylene the hygiene buckets prove to be ideal for handling chemicals as well as for the handling and storage of wet and dry food ingredients. Perfect for mixing ingredients the hygienic plastic buckets are large enough to enabling sufficient mixing and small enough to still be easily lifted. Available in a variety of different sizes, the plastic buckets each incorporate a durable graduation on the inside to assist with measurements of contents.

Equipped with a stainless steel handle or hanger that enables the hygienic plastic buckets to be stored on a rack as well as handled safely, their design ensures effortless transportation and lifting. Incorporating a wide drip-free spout, the hygiene buckets also have an ergonomic hand grip at the base of the bucket that helps the user to easily pour out contents without risk of spillages.

Plastic pails

Used widely throughout general industry as well as within the food industry our range of plastic pails with or without airtight plastic lids are commonly used for storing dry foods, ingredients, liquids, cleaning chemicals, paints and adhesives. Supplied complete with a lid the plastic pails offer protection for their contents from air and moisture, helping to preserve food ingredients and prevent other substances from becoming contaminated.

Manufactured from food grade polypropylene these plastic pails with lids are well suited for handling and storing small amounts of wet or dry food ingredients. Plastic containers such as our V25, V30 and V50 offer a small capacity food storage container for handling small amounts of ingredients such as spices, nuts and prepared fresh produce as well as liquids or sauces.

The slightly tapered design of these food grade plastic pails enables them to stack on top of one another when their lids are in place and when empty they can nest to a certain degree to help save on storage space. Alternative colours for the plastic pails are available on request to assist with colour coding and product identification.

Plastic buckets with airtight lids

The range of plastic buckets and plastic pails includes a wide variety of different sizes suitable for a range of applications. Our larger plastic buckets with airtight lids include the V330 and V600 which are both ideal for storing bulk quantities of dry and liquid food ingredients, cleaning chemicals, paints and adhesives. Supplied complete with attached handles, manufactured from either plastic or aluminium the plastic buckets can be easily handled and lifted.

Helping to provide an unsurmountable level of airtight protection, the range of plastic airtight containers are available in a large variety of different sized capacities. Perfect for storing food products such as sauces and liquids, the plastic buckets with airtight lids are used throughout the catering industry and adhere to HACCP regulations and standards with regards to food handling.

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