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Shadow Board Service

Offering a bespoke Shadow Board service, Fletcher European can help enable your business to hygienically organise and store its cleaning equipment. Perfect for use within food service and processing situations these shadow boards are intended to allow for segregation of the workplace cleaning equipment. They also allow you to monitor the quality and whereabouts of each product and to help avoid cross contamination within hygiene sensitive environments.

Our specialist team are at hand to assist you with the creation of a shadow board that suits your needs exactly. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

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  1. Shadow Boards

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    Shadow Boards. A perfect way to enable you to keep the working environment organised by allowing for the segregation and quality monitoring of essential cleaning equipment. Here at Fletcher European we offer an amazing Shadow Board service, helping you to aid us in the design and creation of a shadow board that meets your requirements exactly. Totally bespoke, these shadow boards can be manufactured from three materials, FOAMEX, DIBOND laminate coated aluminium and Anti-Microbial PVC.

    Simply work out what types of equipment you will want to store, what colour you’d like it to be, if you’d like us to include your company logo and details on it and the size of the shadow board and give us a call. Our specialist team is ready and waiting to discuss your requirements.

    Can’t quite make up your mind on what you need? Need some help? We also offer free site surveys and no-obligation quotes.

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